QSolar achieves TUV SUD IEC 61730-1 and UL 1703 certification.

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From Our CEO

At QSolar, we understand the need to innovate, to dream up ideas and convert them into real products and solutions. We have changed the PV panel manufacturing processes and introduced new, innovative ways and materials for the manufacturing of solar panels.

These new processes enable us to manufacture panels that are half the weight of conventional panels, with 10 times the impact strength of glass, which are self-ventilating, PID-free, with no exposed conducting parts, available in any colour and shape, and with sizes all the way up to 500W. Furthermore, our manufacturing processes are 40 times greener than conventional processes.

We strongly believe that nothing is carved in stone…

Andreas Tapakoudes, CEO QSolar

Solar panels like no other. Ultra light, colour, flexible.

Think different. Think better. Think QSolar!